Dear Maestro Zimmerman~ I thought I had attended the best concert ever many times over the last few years; however, last night you hit a grand slam of concerts…I cannot imagine a more memorable concert from start to finish… Bravo and most of all, thank you! I’ve been a supporter for years and am reminded of how vital FSO is to us all. Thank you, Jane Woods
Jane Wood, Fairfax Symphony attendee

Dear Mr. Zimmerman:
This note is to heartily congratulate you on Saturday’s performance at the Center for the Arts.
I enjoyed your conducting more that I can describe. It was a real joy to hear Bernstein to perfection! ….I will make it a point to catch your performances when I’m in the area or elsewhere if I can. It will be a real treat.
Once again, congratulations and thank you for such a wonderful evening!
With great admiration, Virginia Alonso

Virginia Alonso, Fairfax Symphony attendee

It was a spectacular evening, full of vim and vigor.  You have the heart of a real musician, and fortunately for us, it comes through in your conducting (and personality) as well.  It was obvious the orchestra was out to please you from the beginning of the concert, and we all benefited from the “marriage:”.  I’m coming back tonight, hoping to see if the “marriage” will last past this weekend. We can only hope! (Concert for candidacy for El Paso S.O. Music Directorship)
Bruce Nehring, Bruce Nehring Consort
and Foundation for the Arts
El Paso, TX

I, and the rest of the attentive and appreciative audience, enjoyed your introductory remarks about the Prokofiev and sat in rapturous involvement in the performance. Nobody squirmed or coughed. Thank you so much for an evening of flawlessly performed music which made us reach for a new enjoyment of challenging entertainment.

Ann O.
Beaumont, Texas

The Side-by-Side Youth concerts were spectacular. The audience, children and adults, really responded to Chris’ passion for his art. The young musicians were clearly inspired – and inspiring.
Nancy K.
Beaumont, Texas

Chris – WOW!!!!
Ruth C
Beaumont, Texas

I am sitting here reflecting on the evening’s wonderful concert. Chris Zimmerman is an amazing musical conductor. He obviously realizes that many in his audience are like me and have not been schooled in music. I have usually enjoyed the symphony, but I have not really been drawn into (concerts) as I was tonight. His beginning remarks drew me in intellectually. The story about Tchaikovsky’s probable suicide a few days after the piece was finished touched my heart. Chris’ explanation of what to expect musically gave me a mindset of anticipation. Could I remember it? Would I catch the final music that did not quite reach its highest point, preceding the deep fall at the end? It was so thrilling as I waited and wondered if I would recognize it. There it was! I felt electrified that I experienced it with these artists on an emotional, intellectual and musical level.
Beaumont, Texas